onetwenty: Why I Would Attend
Wed, Sep 24, 2014 9:16 AM

Written By: Candi Shelton

I have a confession. Anytime a special event is announced at church, my first reaction is usually a moan and a facepalm. It’s true. Extra events at work or at church, or basically anywhere, usually don’t get me excited. I have so much that happens in my day-to-day that anything added on top of it feels completely overwhelming, even if it’s just a random trip to the grocery store. So I understand if, for you, this “extra event” is about as exciting as a dentist office visit.

Now, a second confession. Even if I wasn’t singing, I’d probably attend this event. Here’s why: This evening is a chance to be the church with each other, not just go to church with each other. Let me explain. Sundays at North Point are wonderful, from entering the parking lot until leaving it, and it’s absolutely accomplishing the purpose of reaching the unchurched and “leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.” But sometimes Sundays can feel like going to church because it’s such a big place with a lot of people and a lot of different programs and environments. Is going to church a bad thing? Obviously, I don’t think so since I’m there every Sunday, week in and week out. But do I think there should be more to the church experience? Absolutely, as does the rest of the leadership of NPCC, which is why you hear about small groups at every turn. Sundays are the entry point; small groups are the goal.

So how does this tie into OneTwenty? I think this night is going to feel like a small group experience on a large scale. It’s a time for focused prayer, for really spending some time centering our hearts on God’s character, who He is, what He has for us, and how we fit into His kingdom work here on earth. It’s going to be a time to serve each other by praying for each other and for our community. It’s going to be a time to take Communion together and reflect on the goodness of Christ’s sacrifice for all. It’s going to be a time of singing and responding to God’s work in our lives and in our friends’ lives. It’s a purposefully intimate time, a bit of a small group experience, only in a large group. And I honestly think it’s going to be a monumental night in the life of our church.

That’s why I would attend. I think it’s a night where we’ll look like a larger version of the Acts church, sharing everything in common and being thankful for what God has done and is doing. It’s important to take these moments, even if they’re “extra events” that don’t fit into our normal schedules. After all, that’s when the unexpected and often most necessary encounters with God can happen.

So that’s why, even if I wasn’t going to be leading you, I’d be among you on Thursday night. And I hope you’ll be there too.